The image is of a roof being restored by White Hat Industrial.

Restoring a National Distribution Center in Houston, TX

Our team helped a company with national reach restore the roof on one of their distribution centers in Houston, TX. This included restoring the facility’s original built-up roof (BUR), which consisted of multiple layers of tar and embedded rock aggregate. The main purpose of this project was for them to bring the surface back to top performance with restoration because …

The image is of a commercial roof in the process of being restored.

Functional, Sustainable, and Economical Solutions

At White Hat Industrial, our focus has been on roof restoration since the beginning. This focus has allowed us to be specialists in the commercial roofing industry and provide functional, sustainable, and economical solutions to our customers.

The image is of a commercial roof that White Hat Industrial restored.

How Commercial Roof Restoration Works and Contributes to Sustainable Goals

Commercial roof restoration continues to grow in popularity because of its ability to support sustainability initiatives. These solutions can do this because of their eco-friendly and renewable properties. In recent years, sustainability and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives have become more prominent as businesses search for ways to minimize their environmental impact. Commercial roof restoration is a solution that …

The image is of a restored commercial roof.

Why Roofing Waste is a Problem and How Restoration Can Help

Commercial roofing tear-off waste has always been the traditional method, leading contractors to remove and dispose of millions of tons of roofing material each year. However, this traditional method is no longer sustainable with the amount of waste it contributes to landfills and the negative environmental impacts it can have. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), roofing waste accounts …

The image is roofing waste in a landfill.

Commercial Roofing and Landfill Waste: Impacts and Alternatives

Landfills have been a major part of waste management for decades. In most cases, their purpose is to hold a wide variety of disposed waste like solid materials, hazardous materials, electronic devices, and many more. While all these materials don’t come from the commercial roofing industry, there are millions of tons that do come from traditional tear-offs. According to the …

The image is of a fully restored commercial roof.

Commercial Roof Restoration: How this supports ESG and Sustainability Initiatives

In a world where environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors are becoming increasingly important, commercial roof restoration supports ESG and sustainability initiatives and provides a better way to maintain your property. With commercial roofing being a capital expenditure, restoration can add value with functional, sustainable, and economical benefits if done the right way. In this blog, we’ll explore how commercial …

This image is of a completed restoration system installed by White Hat Industrial.

Solar Reflectance Index: What is it and why is it important

Did you know reflective surfaces can naturally cool properties and they can reduce the effects of urban heat islands? We did because the systems we use have design features that allow them to be reflective and absorb less heat. Ultimately, making it easier for you to cool your property. But how is this measurable, and why is it important to …

The image is of a completed restoration system.

We Restore: What makes White Hat Industrial special

Restoration is more than just an offering message to us at White Hat Industrial. Our team consistently lives this out in every aspect of our business. Whether it’s with our client’s roofs, each other’s lives, or the communities we serve, we’re always looking for new ways to restore.

The image is of a restored commercial roof.

How You Can Gain Energy Efficiency and Reduce Waste

Often, when people think about roof restoration, they overlook the amount of energy efficiency they can gain and the amount of waste they can reduce. With our fluid-applied roofing systems, our clients can gain energy efficiency and reduce the amount of waste they produce. The commercial roofing systems we use have cooling features and allow them to save up on …

The image is of solar panels on a metal roof.

Solar-Ready Roofing: Why it’s important to prepare the right way

The need for solar-ready roofing systems has always been there. Our clients understand the value of solar at their commercial properties, but still hesitate. This comes from the fear of not knowing how to best integrate solar with their roofing. However, with our Solar-Ready Roof solution, our team at White Hat Industrial can remove that obstacle.

The image is of a roof in the process of being restored.

4 Benefits of Having a White Roof

Whenever we’re working with clients to help them find the best option for their roof’s needs, we always share the many benefits white roofs can offer. Typically, when examining both fluid-applied and traditional roofing methods, you may find that white roofs are more common with fluid-applied roofing systems. This is because traditional roofing methods usually use darker colors, like black …