Restoring Roofs in the Southeast

We believe you deserve superior solutions that are designed for your building’s needs and delivered with communication, consistency, and predictability.

Serving Florida & The Southeast

From our office located in Tampa, Florida, we drive predictable outcomes across the Southeast.

Across White Hat Industrial's decades of experience, one thing has remained the same. Our focus on fluid-applied commercial roofing has never been a side business. We were doing this for our customers before others. That's what makes us The Spec.

As a property owner or manager, we want you to feel confident that your buildings have the best systems on the market. We want you to trust you have a partner who addresses your building’s individual needs. With this in mind, our team has been able to design 40+ unique fluid-applied systems and continues to innovate for our customers.

No matter how big or small your buildings are, we treat every project the same with these guiding principles:

This One Matters

With every roof our team assesses, we follow our motto of "This One Matters." Big or small, your roof is an asset, and when we're making recommendations, we look at your building like we're the owners. We’ll never give you a recommendation we wouldn’t do ourselves.

No matter what, our team will work with you to restore your roof with the best quality and environmentally friendly materials.

No Small Leaks

A leaky roof is just the start of leaks in your business. We see this every day and it's not a viable option to patch leaks. That's why we approach each leak with the same amount of urgency and dedication.

Our goal is always to provide you with consistent and predictable results led by our team’s professionalism, expertise, and strategic communications.

Still not sure how we can help your property? Explore our services and learn more about everything we can offer you! Learn more on our services page.

Check Out Some of Our Projects

The image shows a White Hat Industrial work sample.
The image is of our team actively restoring a commercial roof.
The image is of a fully restored roof that our team completed.
The image is of a fully restored metal roof we completed.
The image is of a commercial roof in the process of being restored.
The image is of our team actively working to restore a commercial roof.
The image is of a restored roof our team completed.
The image is of a fully restored commercial roof.