Sustainable Benefits

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Protecting Your Assets with Sustainable Solutions.
Our restoration solutions and processes provide multiple sustainable benefits. Together, with us, you can eliminate waste and reduce embodied carbon emissions, increase cool roof energy savings, and allow for easy solar integration and maximization. No matter the size of your portfolio or goals, we will work with you to develop a program to fit your sustainability needs.



Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) studies have shown that roofing material makes up an average of 20% of all Construction and Demolition waste, accounting for 10% of all landfill waste. Our solutions can keep your existing surface on the property, without the need for a complete tear off and disposal. This spares roofing material from going into a landfill and the carbon pollutant emissions involved in the process.

Roofing material is the single largest controllable source of waste in building operations. Together, with us, you can restore now and continue to restore in the future.


According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), cool roofing can increase energy savings up to 15% and increase solar energy output by up to 16%.

With our restoration solutions, you can increase your energy savings in two ways. One, by decreasing required energy to cool your buildings. Two, increasing energy output from your rooftop solar systems. For example, bifacial solar panel systems experience even greater benefits.

Our roofing systems allow for seamless solar integration.

ESG Data Package

We work with you to collect third-party-validated Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) data on our projects. Specifically, we tailor this to what is important to your measurement, monitoring, reporting/disclosure, and verification needs.

Our third party ESG data validation partners are engaged with most of the relevant sustainability and accounting standards, frameworks, and guidance out there, including ISSB, SASB, TCFD, CSRD, GHG Protocol, GRESB, B Corp, UNRISD SDPI, TRUE (Zero Waste).

Scope-Based Impacts

The image is of a cool roof system reflecting heat.
SCOPE 1 and 2. This accounts for your company facilities and vehicles, everything within your “factory walls”, and any utility purchases your company makes.

Our roofing systems positively impact Scope 1 and 2 with their cool roofing features. Specifically, they reflect more sun and insulate the building better. This allows the property to be cooler during the day without much need to cool or heat the building.

Additionally, our systems’ solar-maximizing technology reduces Scope 2 emissions by increasing your rooftop solar system efficacy and output.

SCOPE 3. This accounts for everything else, upstream and downstream, including capital projects.

Our restoration systems and processes positively impact Scope 3 by reducing waste and embodied carbon emissions. In this case, this is possible through the avoidance of a complete roof tear off and replacement.

Additionally, we have an innovative technology that we integrate with our systems. This can help your roof sequester carbon from the atmosphere. In fact, this happens due to natural weathering processes.

The image shows how our systems can scrub carbon from the atmosphere due to natural weathering processes.

Your Data Partner

All sustainability initiatives, regulations, and directives revolve around quality Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) data and metric measurements, monitoring, reporting, and verification (MMRV). We are committed to working alongside your team to get you the data you need to share your sustainablility achievements with restoration and our functional, sustainable, and economical systems.
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