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Protecting Your Assets With Proven Solutions.
Your facility is one of your most important assets, and keeping that facility safe and secure starts with a roof that is both durable and dependable. The advanced fluid-applied systems we use can create a seamless seal that protects your facility from the elements. From start to finish, consistent quality and predictability is our top priority.

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Not every roof is a good candidate for our White Hat Industrial solutions, which makes assessment a critical component of what we do. With each project, our team conducts a thorough survey, takes measurements, and provides a brief with our findings. In the off chance that our solution is not a good fit, we will let you know and offer recommendations for other options.


During the installation process, we will address any issues with your existing roof (such as loose fasteners and wet insulation), clean the substrate, and install our multi-layered fluid-applied system. There is no mess to dispose of and no interruption to your operations. Our communication and close coordination with your team eliminates surprises. It’s that simple.


With every roof we restore, we offer 10-,15-, and 20-year Labor, Material, and Workmanship warranties that are backed by our manufacturers. This guarantee ensures we don’t place a dollar limit on repairs. If issues arise during the warranty period, we will resolve them. By choosing to work with us, you can feel supported and confident knowing your asset is taken care of.

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The fluid-applied products we apply are designed to last with routine care, which we offer in our maintenance program. In most cases, there is no need to replace our roofing system after it is installed. We can simply apply new top layers of resin and renew the warranty. The result: You extend the life of your roof well past its expiration and free up capital for more pressing operational needs.



Our commercial roof restoration solutions are functional, sustainable, and economical options for organizations that want to save money, conserve resources, and slash their energy costs—all without operational disruptions. We service any flat or low-slope commercial roof.

commercial business building

Commercial property owners need to balance facility performance against their margins, and roofing failures can damage their reputation with tenants, while high energy costs can become costly. Our fluid-applied roofing systems address both ‌challenges. The seamless, watertight seal our product creates protects both the facility’s and tenant’s property. Their reflective properties allow them to act as cool roofs, holding down HVAC costs during the summer months. But getting all these benefits doesn’t mean paying more, because our solution costs significantly less than old roofing replacement processes.

government building

With White Hat, government agencies can protect their assets for less cost, without sacrificing comfort or safety. Our long-term solution is ideal for showcasing conservative spending strategies—both in terms of maintenance and operations. Our solution is also an easy way to gain LEED points for agencies that want to show they take a responsible approach to energy management and the environment.

factory building

Black roofs can increase the temperature of your buildings, but with our seamless cool roofs reflect that heat you can keep internal temperatures manageable. For manufacturing facilities without air conditioning, it’s a cost-effective solution for enhancing employee comfort and productivity. While installing our system over your existing roof, your employees can also enjoy minimal disruptions and no need for daily operations to be stopped.

retail building

With White Hat, there’s no need to work off-hours or risk lost profitability for tenants. Our solution is applied directly over the existing roof, making it an ideal alternative for busy retail centers. Seamless and waterproof, our roofs also minimize the risk of substrate failures and leaks—which damages not just property, but tenant satisfaction as well.

hospital building

Hospitals don’t have the luxury of closing up shop to replace a roof, and with margins squeezed tighter than ever, they can ill afford high-cost replacement projects—especially for health systems that manage multiple properties. Besides offering substantial up-front savings, our seamless roofs alleviate the maintenance headaches associated with old substrates. Our solution diverts waste from landfills, so hospitals and health systems have one more way to demonstrate they are looking out for the long-term health of their communities.

white building

With White Hat, property managers can cross roofing replacement and maintenance off their list. Our roofs create a seamless watertight seal, minimizing the risk of leaks from corrosion, loose seams, cracking, and other shortcomings of old substrates. With installation costing less than old roofing replacement options, capital dollars are made available for other projects. Also, our solution acts as a cool roof so property managers can keep summer utility costs in check and rental rates competitive.

school building

Schools have better ways to invest funds than on roof maintenance and replacement projects. With White Hat, you can extend the life of your building’s roof for dramatically less than the cost of replacing it. Our advanced technology and seamless solution eliminate the steady stream of ongoing maintenance and summer replacement projects. With us, you can restore your existing roof without disposal costs.

retail building

For storage and warehouse facilities, a roofing failure can have catastrophic consequences, including an extensive loss of inventory. Our seamless, water repellent solution withstands the environmental factors that weaken traditional roofing substrates and cause leaks. Also, with their high reflectance factor, our roofs curb thermal gain during the summer months.