Our commercial roof restoration specialists can help you break the costly cycle of repair-and-replace. Simultaneously allowing you to enjoy the benefits of functional, sustainable, and economical solutions. With White Hat Industrial, you only need to restore, renew, and rethink.
That’s it.

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Old roofing systems do not last. They corrode, they leak, and they are more susceptible to heat and weather damage.

Our team of commercial roofing specialists uses durable water-repellant solutions to protect your assets. Most importantly, you don’t need a complete tear off and replacement. Additionally, they have cooling features to increase energy efficiency and reduce cooling costs. Furthermore, they our team can design them to meet your needs. We know there isn’t a one size fits all solution for your roof. For this reason, we’ve designed 40+ unique roofing systems for our customers.

Extend the life and quality of your roof with our functional, sustainable, and economical solutions. Start roofing the new way with White Hat Industrial today!


At White Hat, we’re proudly innovative. The world is changing and moving towards more eco-friendly products and processes and we are the spec. Our fluid-applied systems create a watertight seal and are fully adhered to your existing roof, eliminating the need to tear off and dispose of the existing substrate. With a system like this, your roof can last longer, reflect heat, produce less waste, and reduce your long-term maintenance and cooling costs.


Our team is dedicated to working with you from planning to completion because we know just how important communication can be.

With White Hat, there’s no messy tear-off required, meaning there is no disruption to your operations or loss of revenue associated with downtime. We pride ourselves on being out of sight and out of mind, so you can focus on keeping your business running as usual.


At White Hat, our goal is to help you find the right solution for your building.

We know that roof restoration and fluid-applied roofing systems are the best option available on the market because of all the benefits they offer. But we recognize that not all roofs are good candidates for this new way of roofing. If our solution won’t add value to your facility, we’ll tell you because we always look at your building like we’re the owner.


Gain LEED points or just grow your green credentials. Our solution converts your roof to a cool roof, improving thermal efficiency and eliminating landfill waste. Our cool roofs also keep energy usage in check—reducing peak cooling demand by up to 15 percent—and your HVAC bills manageable. The products we install are ENERGY STAR® partnered, LEED qualified, and ASHRAE compliant.



The Greenest Roof is One That Already Exists, Restore It.

Our team of commercial roof restoration specialists know restoration offers more.

These multi-layer solutions have resin and polymeric fiber reinforcement that cures into a fully adhered, seamless, and water-repellent surface. Specifically, they have the ability to withstand wear and tear from heat and weather conditions. You can trust these systems will offer your building a long-term, sustainable solution. A solution that even reduces maintenance costs, waste output, and energy usage.

Then, when it comes time to renew, you don’t have to worry about tear-offs because all it takes is a new application of top-layer resins, offering you long-term savings.

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The Best Way To Implement Solar On Your Roof

The need for solar-ready roofing systems has always been there. However, now more than ever, our clients understand the value of solar at their commercial properties.

We know that integrating solar solutions with the correct mounting systems is what ties roof and solar warranties together. The implementation of both can have long-term ramifications. Our team properly designs and installs the restoration systems we use. So, you can enjoy an integrated long-term solution that provides you with the highest solar impact and convenient roof access in the future.

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Our functional, sustainable, and economical roof restoration solutions are ideal for large and multi-site organizations that can’t afford operational disruptions. From manufacturing centers and warehouses to retail complexes and managed properties, we continue to prolong the life of commercial roofs nationwide.

Discover why commercial businesses, real estate trusts, and government institutions of all types trust us with their top asset.

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With an asset as large as your roof, you can’t just trust anyone. Our focus has always been on roof restoration and the application of fluid-applied roofing systems. This has never been a side business for us. We are certified installers for the products we use and all of our technicians undergo extensive training. We back all of our work with extensive Labor, Material, and Workmanship warranties.

Consistent quality and predictable results are our number one priority.

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