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Roof Response Time

Published by Eileen Porzuczek on July 20, 2023

At White Hat Industrial, we believe every roof matters and there is no such thing as a small leak. That’s why our team makes it a priority to be a predictable and reliable partner in the commercial roofing industry. With every roof we complete and warranty, we use a 3-step systematic roof response time process to ensure nothing is overlooked and everything is addressed within a timely manner.

Our 3-Step Roof Response Time Process

Below are each of the steps in our standard response process:

1. Initial Engagement & Assessment

Once our team is aware your roof is experiencing an issue, we’ll connect with you to gather some information about what’s happening and where on your roof. Our team has a standardized form we use for this, so it’s easy for your team to share this information with us from wherever they are located.

2. Plan for Resolution

With the information you’ve provided to us about the issue, our team will create a plan for resolution. This will help ensure we have all the materials necessary to fully address the concern once we are on-site. Our team will also communicate with you to coordinate when we will be on-site to address the specific area of your roof.

3. Execution & Completion

Once a plan is in place, our team will come on-site and resolve the issue your roof is experiencing with minimal disruption to your business. Our goal is to completely resolve the concern within days, not weeks, because we always want you to feel supported and know your roof is taken care of with the highest amount of care.

Want to know more about what it’s like to partner with White Hat Industrial?

If you want to know more about what it’s like to have a long-lasting partnership with our team at White Hat, we’re always happy to connect with you!

Simply call us at 937.909.9030 or contact us via email. You can also follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook to learn more about us and the work we do.

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